Masterclass with Noah Steven Karrasch – Saturday 7th May 2022


Noah is the founder and developer of CORE Fascial Release/CORE Bodywork and he will be spending the day in Edinburgh with a select group of individuals sharing his wisdom, expertise, and hands.

Noah has been repeatedly asked by his senior instructors (such as Pam Martin) to create a Masterclass, and this will be the first! The title, “Maturity,” comes from an Ida Rolf quote: “Maturity is the ability to discern finer and finer layers of distinction.” This is a concept he believes in and tries to practice more and more of the time.

During the seven-hour class, we’ll spend time examining the philosophy of the CORE technique as Noah perceives his body of work, move into specific techniques with touch both from Noah and working in partnerships to polish our touch skills. We’ll move into assessment skills, a short lecture about vagus nerve and its importance, then segue into the concept of creating safety for our patrons—including what Noah calls “emotional anatomy.” Following this concept of creating safety, we’ll work to enhance communication and listening skills, practice these techniques with each other, deal with what Noah calls “Mindful Movement, Where You Are,” and end the day giving and receiving sessions while keeping in mind the principles of the day (with touches to all from Noah and Pam).

7 CPDs
£250 (Register by February 1 for the early bird £210.)
£50 deposit will hold space at the early bird price.

Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Pre-requisite a keen interest in CORE Fascial Release and completion of CORE II (or equivalent)

Booking can be made on the COREFASCIALRELEASE WEBSITE