CORE III Intensive: The Five Series focuses on the culmination of Noah Karrasch’s 30+ years of bodywork. In the intensive six-day course we’ll look at a five session recipe designed to touch all the problem spots in a body, in several different ways.

In addition, we’ll discuss each session, watch a demonstration by the tutor, work in partnership with each other through the five session series, and take one model through the series as well.

Students will come away with a healthy respect for a recipe that lets them get creative while honouring basic CORE principles. For serious students only! This is the basic recipe/five session guidelines of CORE work.

When: 8-15 November 2020 0900-1800 (Thursday 12th DAY OFF)

CORE III starts on 9th November and finishes at lunchtime on 15 November 2020 (Thursday 12th DAY OFF)
CORE IV starts on 8th November and finishes at lunchtime on 15 November 2020 (Thursday 12th DAY OFF)

Where: Edinburgh with Pamela Martin (Level 2 Instructor)

CORE III £997 56CPDs
CORE IV £1800 64CPDs

Pre-requisistes: CORE I&II for CORE III and CORE I,II,III for CORE IV

Places are limited to 6. We prefer to take a few people a long way than a lot of people a short way. If you’re interested in joining this intensive class please email to check availability.

NOTE: Enrolment in CORE II, III, or IV does not guarantee a certification. The certificate is issued at the discretion of the instructor, and requirements must be fulfilled in terms of the individual’s progress. Refunds are not given once a student commits to and attends a course, whether they receive certification or not.

Pamela Martin