Creating Safety at the CORE – Includes Introduction to TRE

When: Saturday 26 October 2019 (Edinburgh)
Duration : 3.5 hours 10.00-1.30pm
Cost £50
Places : Maximum 10 participants

This workshop has been designed specifically for individuals working with clients in a therapeutic capacity including, but not limited to, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Counsellors and individuals interested in their own self development.

It explores the physical, physiological, mental and emotional responses to stress that result in clients feeling tense, unbalanced and in pain and offers a natural method of stress management and trauma prevention.

During Creating Safety at the CORE you will learn :

• Why Safety is important in the therapeutic relationship
• How to release old patterns of stuck tension
• The Physiology, Anatomy and Neurology of an individual affected by stress and trauma
• How our bodies respond automatically and unconsciously to events
• Introduction to TRE (Tension &Trauma Release Exercises) – A natural method for stress management and trauma prevention
• How to recognise when your client is not feeling safe
• How to create safety at the CORE for you and your clients

In addition to mixing theoretical with experiential the class will allow time for relaxation and integration so that you can utilise your own natural healing mechanism.

This workshop will benefit you personally as well as professionally.

Pamela Martin

Pamela A Martin BSc CST DARM RMT
Pam is a Certified CranioSacral Therapist, CORE Fascial Release Instructor, Certified TRE Provider and Advanced Remedial Massage Therapist. Pam has over 20 years experience of working with individuals and groups of all ages to restore balance and relieve pain.

Email for registration details or telephone 07932 587 422

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