Suffering from Stress, Tension or Trauma? COME SHAKE-IT-OFF

In this Introduction to TRE you will learn a series of simple exercises that turn on the body’s natural ability to restore itself to balance through the process of self regulation and self empowerment. Participants have described an immediate feeling of relaxation. Through the nervous system, TRE can help with everyday stress as well as release deeply held physical patterns of tension throughout the body which will in turn create more resiliency for dealing with life’s challenges.


OPEN TO ALL. The exercises work for all body types and can be easily adapted for any fitness level or challenges in mobility. TRE is a self help tool that once learned can be easily repeated in the comfort of your own home.

The workshop will take place on Thursday 19 January 2017 at The Albany Street Clinic, 36a Albany Street, Edinburgh EH1 3QH 10.30 – 12.30 and will be limited to 4 participants.

Cost is £30 and a £15 (non refundable) deposit reserves your place.